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Fanzine "Eridan"

The first issue of our fanzine was published in July of 2005. Since then we have published 11 more issues, in paper and/or electronic form. One of the issues was publishes in English for Eurocon 2012.


Our crown achievement, the science fiction and fantasy convention "Rikon" takes place every year in October at the Faculty of Arts and Science in Rijeka. The convention offers lectures, boardgame tournaments, presentations, live-action roleplay, card games etc.

Festival of Myths and Legends of Kvarner and Istria

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In January 2008 we have begun a six- month long chainmaille workshop in "Regionalni info centar", Kružna 8/III. Pictures from one of the workshops can be seen here.

Braille script

From 2007 we are cooperating with Croatian Association of Friends of the White Stick Homer" in which we translate literature into Braille script. So far, 15 titles were translated.

Izvršitelji nauma Gospodnjeg

As part of the promotional campaign for the new book by organization's member Zoran Krušvar, "Izvršitelji nauma Gospodnjeg", several members have made a video for the song "Vrisak" by the band Soundbringer, from the book's soundtrack. The video can be seen here.

Movie Nights

In November 2006 we have started with the organization of amateur SF movies night, in cooperation with "Kulturni front", "SKAR", "Furija" and "Next". They were held in Opatija at Villa Antonio and at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Rijeka, every two weeks, beginning at 7 pm.

Invasion at Kvarner

Members of the organization took part in promotional actions for the movie series "Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith", one of these actions was the making of the short film "Invazija na Kvarner" in association with "Creative Department"

Tolkien in school mandatory list

Just a few days after it was founded, we started a media-covered campaign, petitioning for the introduction of "Lord of the Rings" into mandatory reading list of the elementary school.

Fanzine Eridan in English!

Fanzine Eridan issue 15

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