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Rikon 2014.

Rikon is a science fiction, fantasy and horror convention, held annually in Rijeka, Croatia since 1997 in October. The goal of the convention is to promote science fiction, fantasy and horror in all arts, to educate participants on topics related to those fields of popular culture as well as latest achievements in sciences. Program comprises out of lectures (topics encompass the following fields: aeronautics, anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biology, ecology, chemistry, cosmology, genetics, geosciences, mechanics, medicine, physics, psychology, robotics, computer sciences, biotechnology, sociology, philosophy, history, theology, literature), round tables, presentations of books and magazines, workshops, video projections and board games tournaments.

The age structure of the participants is mainly under 30 years and their total number is around 500 during the convention. They are mainly students and youth organizations from Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia who usually participate in realization of the convention itself.

Rikon was organized for the first time in October 1997 at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Rijeka. It was being held at the Faculty anually when due to the adaptation of the building, Rikon had to be organized in Dom željezničara in 2002. One year later, in 2003, Rikon was organized at Centar za radno-proizvodne aktivnosti by a now defunt NGO Aurora. Due to technical and organization problems, in 2004 Rikon was skipped.

Next year, in 2005, NGO Udruga "3. zmaj" (The name, which means "the third dragon", is a pun based on the name of the largest Croatian shipyard, "3. Maj") takes upon itself organization of the convention to this day.

Rikon combines culture, fun and science and encourages young people in construcitve socialization. With its content, it promotes literature, film, music, art and in an atractive and popular manner presents science and new discoveries. All that is being done by experts as well as amateurs- enthusiasts.

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