How we fulfill our objectives

As a non-profit organization, the “3. zmaj” Association finances its work with donations from the public sector: through regular grants of local self-government units, the state budget or private companies that publish grants applications for donations. Also, members of the Association pay a membership fee. All collected finances are spent on the organization of activities carried out by the Association (and which it has registered), and are spent based on the budget, if it is a part of the project’s cost estimate.

The members of the Association are volunteers, who selflessly give their time and knowledge for the purposes of the Association’s business. If possible, members are paid a honorarium or service fee through the projects, if they have a significant share of the work in the project.

Administrative information

Full name Udruga “3. zmaj”

Address Tihovac 13, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

VAT HR13231862730

Registry of NGO’s 08002203

IBAN HR8724020061100759603, Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.

Dragons in charge

Authorized representatives

Marta Glažar


Master of Cultural Studies,

cooperation on EU projects at University of Rijeka

Vladivoj Lisica

Vice President

Master of English language and IT,

Human Resources at Kantun Devs

Valentina Mišković Yoe


Master of Cultural Studies,

Assistant to CIO at Novis Insurance Company

Be a part of the team!

Our members:

  • spend their free time in a meaningful and useul way
  • meet similar young people and proactive people
  • develop and train new skills
  • work in teams
  • have a chance to travel and meet interesting people
  • enrich their experience and their CV’s

Goals and Activities

The goals of the Association are determined by the Statute:

  • promotion, popularization and affirmation of art, science, subcultures and new media,
  • raising the level of social awareness regarding the role of art in the development of modern culture,
  • encouraging creativity, artistic creation, imagination and free thinking,
  • encouraging literary creation and publishing literary works and magazines,
  • informing and educating young people,
  • creative design of young people’s free time,
  • study, promotion and preservation of Croatian culture, history and heritage,
  • establishing cooperation with relevant companies, institutions and associations

Areas of activity in accordance with the goals of the Association are:

  • Hobbistic activity
  • Culture and art
  • International cooperation
  • Education, science and research
  • Technical Education

The target groups with regard to the membership and users:

  • children
  • youth
  • gifted children and youth
  • citizens
  • pupils
  • students
  • volunteers

The activities that achieve the goals of the Association are:

  • organizing thematic workshops, lectures, discussions, exhibitions, reviews, seminars, forums and similar programs,
  • collecting written and other materials, organizing written and electronic archives,
  • work with young people,
  • monitoring and studying literature, journalism, techniques, technologies and new media,
  • cooperation with other associations, organizations and institutions,
  • participation in domestic and international tournaments, competitions, gatherings, congresses and conventions of interest to the Association,
  • by awarding an annual prize,
  • creating and maintaining the Association’s website,
  • organizing extra curricular activities and extra curricular forms of scientific and cultural literacy, training and creativity, and other forms of promoting culture and science, based on voluntary gatherings of young people,
  • encouraging, supporting and realizing programs and activities on the development, application and popularization of scientific achievements,
  • production and publishing of magazines, books, brochures, audio-visual and new media works.

Economic activities that achieve the goals of the Association are:

  • Holding and organizing conventions and events that contain thematic workshops, lectures, discussions, exhibitions, forums, etc.
  • Holding international conventions and events
  • Publishing