Convention Rikon is a unique event in Rijeka that has been held since 1997. 

What is Rikon

During three days filled with educational lectures, creative workshops, entertainment program and various activities for all ages, every year gathers about 1000 visitors from Croatia and abroad, lovers of science, culture and art, who have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in an unusual and unique environment. have fun and gain new skills and acquaintances.

For many years, the “3. zmaj” Association has been actively working through Rikon to develop and increase the interest and knowledge of young people, as well as all other age groups, for the themes of science and art through the motives of science fiction and science fiction. When planning and implementing the program, special attention is paid to creating a safe and stimulating environment for mutual interaction of the audience and program participants, as well as opportunities to meet, talk and learn from others in an informal environment. The program part of the event consists of an educational program that includes lectures, presentations and round tables, an entertainment program that includes playrooms for board games and video games, competitions, music and stage performances and quizzes, creative workshop program and exhibition program.

Program of the convention

The qualities of Rikon’s educational program, in addition to the proven satisfaction of visitors, are evidenced by numerous guest appearances by internationally renowned writers and scientists from Croatia and abroad, so in recent years French writer Aliette de Bodard, British writer, podcaster and audio book narrator Emma Newman, and Dutch writer Thomas Olde Heuvelt. Among the significant scientific names in recent years on Rikon are many men and women from Rijeka such as Sven Maričić, Diana Dominis Prester and Predrag Dominis Prester, Marta Žuvić, Rajka Jurdana Šepić and Vanessa Ujčić Ožbolt, as well as Croatian scientists such as Raphael Bene, Antonio Šiber Davor Horvatić and Ivica Puljko. Of the international scientific community, we highlight Autun Purser, who was a guest in 2020.

Post-apocalypse Rikon

It was in 2020, when the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, that Rikon justified its reputation and the trust of long-time visitors by successfully holding the con online, bearing the title of Eurocon (European Fiction Convention) and the name “Futuricon 2020”. In 2021, Rikon was held as a guest in the newly opened space of the Children’s House in the Rijeka Cultural Center “Benčić”, in partnership with the City Library of Rijeka and in cooperation with the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka and the City Puppet Theater Rijeka.

Progressive approach to non-institutionalized education

One of the main goals of Rikon is to provide young people with positive examples of scientific, artistic and STEM occupations or hobbies, and through networking with successful individuals and organizations in these areas to encourage them to dare to choose careers that will contribute to their innovative and creative ideas. them competitive in the market. Through a combination of learning, fun and creative activities under professional guidance, young people have the opportunity to develop their skills in a unique way that is a kind of non-institutional extension of the progressive model of education characteristic of the city of Rijeka. Recognizing the value of integrating science, creativity, art and technology, the 3rd Dragon Association through Rikon seeks to encourage children and young people to express themselves creatively and approach problem solving and develop critical thinking. In this way, a unique environment is created in which they can learn about their abilities and create a foundation for their further development, which is also the main contribution of Rikon to the local community.

Art program and Cosplay

The event is complemented by a rich art program in which, in addition to writers, young and non-established, as well as experienced and recognized artists from Croatia and abroad participate who give lectures, presentations, lead workshops and set up exhibitions of their works. In this segment of the program, the emphasis is placed on the development of creative skills of visitors and education on entrepreneurship in culture, ie the ways in which young people can turn their creativity and artistic expression into a career. 

One of the components of Rikon is Cosplay – an activity or artistic performance in which participants create their own costumes inspired by characters and themes from literature, comics, animated or feature films and video games, performing a spontaneous performance. By organizing a competition to choose the best costume through which the winners are awarded rich prizes, the goal is to encourage independent cultural expression and the development of visual and performing arts. Furthermore, in accordance with the goal of maintaining the international character of the Rikon brand, in addition to hosting literary or scientific names, guest appearances of well-known and internationally recognized visual artists engaged in cosplay, who will participate as members of the competition jury a form of visual art and performance.

Cooperations and partnerships

Over the years, Rikon has developed partnerships and cooperation with numerous local and foreign entrepreneurs who make an immeasurable contribution to the quality of the event every year. In the preparation and organization of each edition of the event, special attention is paid to the promotion of smaller local crafts and companies that have the opportunity to present their services and products to a wider domestic and foreign audience at Rikon. From 2021, we emphasize the cooperation with MAPA craft for design, which contributed to the implementation of the advertising campaign through cooperation in marketing and entertainment and stage program, long-term cooperation with Antares, GIS (for sound and concert equipment) and Sessionize. Successful cooperation was also achieved with the local craft beer craft Brewtiga, which specializes in providing a limited offer of local beers. We additionally emphasize the long-term cooperation with the Czech publishing company CGE, which specializes in the production, publishing and promotion of social games. The plan for future editions of Rikon is to expand and strengthen cooperation with existing partners and to establish new cooperation with companies and entrepreneurs, both from Rijeka and the surrounding area, and abroad.