Costume creation, movie make-up and prosthetics, acting and performance workshops – everything a

Cosplayer needs, in one place.

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay (costume play) is an activity that combines costume design and artistic performance in which participants create their own costumes inspired by characters and themes from literature, comics, animated or feature films and video games, while doing a spontaneous performance.

Cosplay Academy

It consists of a series of educational workshops that are thematically comprehensive in terms of preparing Cosplay costumes, and include education in various methods and techniques, use of tools and materials, but also makeup and prosthetics, and education in acting and performance.

Cosplay Academy will be held in 2022, and we will soon publish more information and instructions on applying for workshops.

Who is the Academy intended for?

The academy is aimed at young people, high school and student ages, in order to encourage greater involvement of young people in creative expression, but also to ensure the quality transfer of knowledge of various interesting and specific skills.

Regardless, the workshops can be attended by everyone, employed or unemployed, and older than 25 years.

Why is the project important?

The project actively achieves some of the goals of the Association, namely the promotion, popularization and affirmation of art, science, subcultures and new media, raising social awareness of the role of art in the development of modern culture, encouraging creativity, artistic creation, imagination and free thinking, and creative designing youth leisure time.

Project aims and mission

The aim of the project is, first and foremost, to promote the technique and practice of Cosplay culture, which is an integral part of many conventions around the world (convention of fiction, convention of computer games, convention of Japanese culture, etc.), including Rijeka convention of fiction Rikon. Furthermore, through various costume making workshops, makeup techniques and drama and stage performances, the goal is to encourage creative expression of young people and encourage them to explore different techniques of bringing to life their favorite characters from works of science fiction and science fiction. By encouraging young people to creative activities, the goal is to enrich and promote the Rijeka cultural scene, enrich the current culture of masquerade and Carnival with another aspect of “masking” and put Rijeka on the international map of quality Cosplay artists. In this way, we promote Croatia and Rijeka to foreign visitors of similar interests and open space for interesting collaborations.

Cosplay Academy Team

Armin Bećirević

Academy Head

Although he has a master’s degree in naval engineering, his greatest love is making Cosplay costumes and guesting at conventions throughout Croatia and Europe. He is also known for the award-winning Cosplayer from Rijeka, with 10 years of rich experience in making costumes and using various materials and techniques, and is one of the few people in Croatia who has the knowledge and skills to make complex costumes. He is most proud of winning the main prize for Arthas Menethil’s costume from the video game Warcraft, at the Reboot Info Gamer 2018 with which he won a trip to Japan at the Tokyo Game Show 2018. In Japan he wore a specially made costume of Thranduil (the elven king from the JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit and the eponymous trilogy of films) almost entirely made by the technique of sewing fabric (without props or armor).

Tajana Štasni

Seamstress with over 25 years of experience, fashion designer and trendsetter of the Croatian Cosplay scene, Tajana Štasni has had many projects, collaborations, exhibitions and fashion shows behind her. Her creations include corsets, wedding dresses, jewelry and special Cosplay costumes, which have won awards in Croatia and abroad. She is a collaborator on many films, series, commercials and plays, and her projects include the opening of the Game of Thrones Museum in Split and the PerunBožić event at the Turopolje Museum.

Filip Majcen

Master of Primary Education, currently working at a school. He began his hobby of costume design from an early age, making costumes for shows, masquerades and Halloween. His first costume was from the game (TES V Skyrim: Steel Armor). At Zagreb’s Sferakon 2018. he wore a costume from Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, for which he won a consolation prize. At convention Krakon he wore armor from Skyrim and won the first prize, after which he participated at Krakon as a judge for Cosplay, in a costume Ancient Nordic from Skyrim. At Liburnicon he wore a Lando Clarissian (Star Wars) costume in the style of a bathing suit and won the title of “Miss Liburnicon”.

Bojana Butković

Entrepreneur, sculptor and artist, creator of jewelry and ornaments. Born in Pula, she graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, majoring in Sculpture. She successfully engages in various activities from jewelry production, phyto-aromatherapy, web design, and collaborates on numerous projects in Rijeka, including archeological excavations at the Leaning Tower, exhibition projects in Kružna, coordinates the Palach Gallery, participates in conservation and restoration activities (stucco) in the sugar factory building Benčić.

Nikolina Zaninović Kokotović

Internationally recognized and award-winning professional make-up artist and artist. In 2018, she won the title of the best make-up artist in Europe – The Next Make-up Artist, and stood out among the 2,000 applicants who competed in the competition. She collaborates on various projects, fashion shoots, videos, SFX Makeup projects. She is part of the Profokus School as a mentor in the department of make-up, and is part of the Kallos Beauty Academy team as a creative director.

Kolektiv Igralke

Sendi Bakotić

Bachelor of the University Study of Acting and Media and Master of Comparative Literature and Russian Studies (Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and St. Petersburg, Russia). She works as a clown doctor in the Red Noses clown doctors association, and as an independent actress she performs in various productions in Croatia and Slovenia (Ulysses Theater, INK Pula, HNK Ivana pl. Zajc, Ri teatar, KUD Transformator and Teatro Matita, Ljubljana, etc.). She is the artistic director of the “Igralke” collective from Rijeka, where she realizes her own authorial projects, such as the documentary theatre show “Grandmothers”.

Art Mašina

Art Mašina is a creative studio from Rijeka for informal learning of art techniques and practical skills (sewing, do-it-yourself techniques …) and promotion of art and visual culture in everyday life. With many years of experience in conducting educational workshops, Art Mašina has the perfect ability and skills to organize sewing workshops for Cosplay Academy.

Valentina Mišković Yoe

koordinacija i administracija

Master of Cultural Studies, Secretary of the “3. zmaj” Association, administrator, manager of several projects of the Association in the last 10 years. Extensive experience in volunteering, working with several associations, writing projects, preparing budgets and leading teams.

David Dubrović

A young entrepreneur from Rijeka who deals with all types of technical support. He is well known and often seen at many events in Rijeka and the surrounding area, because he has been building business relationships and loyal clients for years. He has been involved in video production since 2010, and other forms of technical support even longer.

Cosplay Academy Program


Lecture: Introduction to Cosplay culture and costume making

An introductory lecture that will be held through an online system, and will briefly present the project, introduce visitors to Cosplay culture and introduce them to trends in Croatia and the world, and describe the workshops and techniques that will be mastered.

Guest Lecture

Guest lecture by a foreign costume designer who has collaborated on well-known series or films and

/ or /

a foreign Cosplay artist.

Round table: Costume design and Cosplay in Croatia

Round table participants: Tajana Štasni as a representative of local entrepreneurs and Cosplayers and as a fashion designer, Helena Šepl as a representative of the costume design profession, Barbara Bourek as a costume designer at APURi, Daniel Rafaelić as a film costume design critic, Nika Čuić as a representative of the Croatian costume design team for Game of Thrones, Zdenko Bašić as a representative of artists and creators of multimedia content.


Tools for professional costume making and their use

Armin Bećirević

The workshop will teach participants to use specific tools such as an industrial hair dryer, rotary tools, scalpels and professional cutters, grinders, a plastic gun, various adhesives and their application to materials.


Sponge and thermoplastics crafting

Armin Bećirević

Filip Majcen

Attendees will master beginner sponge shaping techniques such as making costume patterns (such as a sewing pattern), learn to handle sponge and thermoplastic cutting tools, and master cutting techniques.

Also, the workshop will cover sponge mastering techniques to retain shapes, glue and close edges to prepare the sponge for further processing and dyeing.


Jewelry and costume decorations from resin and thermoplastics

Bojana Butković Armin Bećirević

Attendees will master the techniques of making decorative objects and memorabilia from crystal resin, will learn the importance of preparation and protection of themselves and the environment. The focus of the workshop will be on the specifics of resin casting, processing and finishing techniques in a given time frame, and mastering the importance of pre-preparation and planning. The result of the workshop, in addition to the developed objects, are also made action plans (the nature of working with resin is multi-layered and requires patience).


Beginner sewing workshop

Art Mašina

The workshop will introduce the participants to sewing accessories as well as the basics of using a sewing machine. Attendees will master hand sewing techniques, such as sewing buttons or small beads and ornaments, and the basics of machine sewing such as sewing patents, shortening, sewing pockets, linings.


Advanced sewing workshop

Tajana Štasni

he workshop will address more demanding topics such as making a basic cut to your own measurements, ways and techniques of sewing a patent into costumes, and techniques of modeling the cut.


Costume dyeing and weathering

Armin Bećirević

The workshop will introduce participants to the methods used to make the costumes look realistic, according to the period of time or style they represent, ie, techniques that serve to bring spirit and life into the costume, to make it look realistic, worn, alive.


Props making (weapons, accessories)

Armin Bećirević

The workshop will enable participants to make various forms of weapons or other props, and teach them how to identify the design and material needed to make certain types of props. The techniques that will be shown are joining different materials and joining in the final shape. To finish, it is necessary to make details, paint or prepare for painting, and revive the props with realistic accessories.


Leather processing and crafting with leather

Filip Majcen

The workshop will show the basic techniques of working with leather if you were going to make items, decorations or clothes from leather. Some of the basic techniques that the workshop will process are: hand cutting, shaping, drilling (perforation), sewing and folding into the desired shape, engraving or printing, painting and finishing.


Implementation of electronics in costume design

David Dubrović

Armin Bećirević

The workshop will teach participants to handle materials and electronic elements that can be part of costumes or props, such as lighting, moving parts and the like. Leaders will show how to choose lights and electronics in costume performance, depending on the desired effect. Attendees will also master the techniques of connecting wires and power supply, and adapt all the techniques to the capabilities of the costumes and how to hide all these materials inside the costumes.


Movie make-up and prosthetics

Nina Make-up Artist

The workshop will show the basic makeup techniques: contouring, eyebrow shaping, false eyelashes, and will show advanced techniques that allow for a complete makeover. Preparation of prosthetics and application to the body includes techniques such as preparation of 3D prosthetics using molds or sculptural techniques, mixing colors for realistic effects of blood, bruises, injuries, and the like.


Performance and acting workshop

Collective Igralke,

Sendi Bakotić

From inspiration to character: Exercises of presence, body and voice awareness, free expressiveness will introduce students deeper into techniques of creating characters and situations “out of nothing”. Participants will be provided with tools to experience how they can create characters and improvisations from the slightest stimulus (be it body position, quality of movement, body energy…). In the final stage, participants will be inspired by their costumes, parts of costumes or props to embody the characters of the whole being and find play and joy in it.