Since 2005, the Association has been publishing the fanzine Eridan, with the aim of introducing readers to popular science topics through the promotion of non-established young writers and artists, popular science essays, and reports on events in Croatian and foreign science fiction subculture. One to two issues are issued annually in electronic and printed editions, and 19 issues have been issued so far.

Eridan’s content does not exceed seventy pages of A5 format, but it does not lack a wealth of content. Many works published in Eridan have been awarded the prestigious Croatian genre award, SFera, which is awarded at the largest regional convention, SFeraKon.

The twelfth issue of Eridan was published as a special edition in English in 2012. He was awarded in the category of Spirit of Dedication as the best European fanzine from the European Science Fiction Society (ESFS awards) at one of the largest European conventions, Eurocon, which was held under the name “Contact” in 2012 in Zagreb and from which the association eventually left. 4 awards.

The special bilingual number of Eridan was also the 15th, which was intended to promote the work of the Association at the Worldcon and Eurocon in 2014.

All issues of Eridan can be downloaded by clicking on the cover, and the download will start automatically.