• Starting petition aimed at introducing “The Lord of the Rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien into the curriculum and school textbooks.
  • Participation in promotional activities related to the Croatian premieres of the films “The Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” in the form of shooting short films. Link to video
  • First and second issue of fanzine “Eridan” published, featuring sci-fi & fantasy short stories, poems, artwork, comics, reviews and essays by young authors and artists, Croatian but also international.


  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 3rd issue, and 4th issue, in digital version


  • Participation in the multimedia project “Izvršitelji nauma Gospodnjeg” based on the book of the same title by Zoran Krušvar in the form of making short films, staging parts of the book and promoting the book itself.
  • Screenings of amateur science fiction films in cooperation with the association “Cultural Front”, the Student Club of Anglistics Rijeka “SKAR”, the Association of Informatics Students “Next” and the Association of Philosophy Students “Furija”.
  • Translation of school textbooks and fiction into Braille in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Friends of the White Cane “Homer”, for which the Association was awarded the annual “Homer’s Golden Drop” award.
  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 5th issue


  • Recording a sound collection of science fiction stories “Children of the Sun” for blind and partially sighted people, which includes stories by some of the best Croatian authors of this genre: Darko Macan, Krešimir Mišak, Aleksandar Žiljak and Marija Serdar.
  • Translation and publication of a collection of stories by Zoran Krušvar “Najbolji na svijetu” in Poland.
  • Start of “Fantasy Lab”, creative writing workshops under the mentorship of Zoran Krušvar, focused on young adults (highschool and university age).
  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 6th issue and 7th issue, where first works of “Fantasy Laboratory” participants are published.


  • Collaboration with the Association “Calculus” i.e. Museum of Old Computers for the 40th anniversary of the Moon landing of NASA’s Apollo. The “Peek @ Moon” project lasted 2 months, during which numerous lectures, screenings, tribunes, concerts, etc. were held.
  • Largest convention “Rikon” yet held at the Astronomy center in Rijeka.
  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 8th issue


  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 9th issue


  • Co-organizer of Malik Fest – a festival of myths and legends of Istria and Kvarner, which was held at the Trsat Castle in Rijeka, in partnership with NEOS Centar Association. Project is focused on children and youth, and includes history revival, puppet shows, live costumes of slavic and croatian mythological beings and deities, live storytelling, archery for children, and many other activities.
  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 10th and 11th issue
  • Rikon 2011. Held for the first time in new location, Faculty of Humanities on the University Campus Trsat, and has the largest number of visitors yet.


  • Co-organizer of Malik Fest – a festival of myths and legends of Istria and Kvarner.
  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 12th (first ever bilingual issue in english and croatian) and 13th issue


  • Co-organizer of Malik Fest – a festival of myths and legends of Istria and Kvarner.
  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 14th and 15th issue (bilingual)


  • “Fantasy Month” project was organized in Rijeka, with many events focused on children and youth, with the goals of promoting literature, playing board games, literary and musical creativity, creative artistic expression of the youngest, and included the promotion of Eridan and the Rikon Convention.


  • Fantasy Month” project was organized in Rijeka.
  • Participation in the 10th Ogulin Fairy-Tale Festival in cooperation with the Rijeka association PoMoDoRi with the performance of the play “Stories from the Future”.
  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 16th issue (bilingual)


  • Publishing of “Eridan”, 17th,18th and 19th issue (bilingual)
  • Vampire Ball – A masked ball before the Rijeka Carnival, Botel Marina.
  • Series of events: International Day of Board Games 2016, Quiz in Bačva on the occasion of the International Star Wars Day, participation in “Gledaj (u)druge“.
  • Participation in Eurocon 2016 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
  • Rikon 2016, with first foreign guest of honor, Dutch writer Thomas Olde Heuvelt, winner of the Hugo Award.
  • Rijeka has won the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2020., and we announced our bid for the title of Eurocon 2020.


  • Participation in the conference of organizers and visiting anime convention “Dokomi 2017”, Dusseldorf, Germany.
  • A series of events: “Zmaj in Bačva Bar”: Cosplay Night River, Playing on Saturdays, Self-promotion for creatives, Everything you want to know about space, For Justice !, We play all day, Spooky Halloween + Face Painting Free, SOS Rijeka / Horror quiz , Games and SF quiz, Board games, Participation in“Gledaj (u)druge“.
  • Rikon 2017, guest of honor Emma Newmann, British writer and host of podcast shows.
  • Participation in Eurocon 2017 in Dortmund, Germany.


  • Series of events: “Zmaj in Bačva Bar”: Board games and Smallworld demo, Codenames tournament, Board games, Star Wars Party, Halloween party, board games at the Technical Faculty in Rijeka.
  • Rikon 2018, guest of honor Aliette de Bodard, French-American writer, winner of the Nebula Award and the British SF Organization Award.
  • Participation in Eurocon 2018 in Amiens, France.


  • Series of events: Social Games Day 29.6. in cooperation with the Cultural Front Association and a representative of the Czech Games, regular meetings of book-club with Igor Rendić, demonstration of board games at RiTeh Game Nights, participation in “Učionica” educational project by Rijeka 2020 ECOC, participation in “Gledaj (u)druge“.
  • Rikon 2019, guest of honor Gareth L. Powell, British writer of speculative fiction, winner of the BSFA Award for Best Novel.


  • Futuricon 2020 – Eurocon, successfully held online, with over 300 visitors from all over the world. Live con was organized in studio with live transmission and pre-recorded programme materials.


  • Rikon 2021., held experimentally at Childrens House Rijeka, in partnership with City Library of Rijeka. Despite the challenges, Rikon is successfully organized and visited by a significant number of visitors.